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Oil Purification Technology

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Al Dousor/Globecore designed and manufactured High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine for online and off-line purification treatment of transformers, it adopts double stages high vacuum pumping system with dehydration and degassing chambers, which can remove free water, dissolved water and gases much more completely. Meanwhile, The Transformer Oil Filtration Treatment Machine has micron filtering elements to remove solids contaminants.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine is suitable for dealing with waste and new electric insulating oils, such as transformer oil, Cable oil, Turbine oil, Switch oil, Capacitor oil, circuit breakers and other insulating oils. It adopts advanced vacuum separation technology combining with Evaporation and Drying for high-efficiency degassing and dehydration. The use of composite micro-filtration technology, strong capacity of holding contaminants and high filtration accuracy. Meanwhile, the Transformer oil filtration machine also can be applied for vacuum drying and oil filling of electrical equipment.


1. Double stages vacuum evacuation systems, high efficiency dehydration and degassing.

2. High precision micron filters remove 99% impurities.

3. New high-efficiency electric heating system, low heating load, uniform heating, low energy consumption.

5. Automatic liquid level controller, pressure protection system, simple operation, safe and reliable.

6. Automatic interlock protection system (phase sequence protection, overload protection, overheating protection, overvoltage protection, etc) works together with heater, oil pump, liquid level controller, foam eliminator, etc. to realize completely safe running.

7. Automatic PLC controlling system realize fully automatic operation without attendant.

8. Online and off-line purification treatment of transformer oils, unique vacuum drying and oil filling of transformers.



Online moisture measuring transmitter, flow meter, fuller earth regeneration device, eather proof structure, double axles or single axle trailer, dielectric strength tester, etc.

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